Paddle Warranty

Celtic are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in material for one year from the date of purchase. Within the warranty period, all paddles found to have a manufacturing defect will be repaired when possible or when a repair is not viable, replaced at no charge.  This warranty does not affect your statuary rights.

We do not warrant paddles for failures occurring from accidental damage, misuse, abuse and excessive wear and tear.  We also do not warrant paddles that fail due to the use of excessive force beyond the design limitation's of the paddle.

For a valid warranty claim, proof of purchase is required and paddles will be required for inspection at the discretion of Sea Kayaking UK ltd.

Please be aware that second-hand paddles and promotional paddles given as prizes, gifts or sponsorship, including dealer rental or demo paddles, are not covered under warranty.  We do not warrant paddles for commercial use.

All customers residing outside of the UK should contact Celtic with the required information and obtain return instructions and the authority to send before sending any items to Sea Kayaking UK Ltd.

To determine if your paddle qualifies for warranty or repair, please email with photos and a full description if possible.  

Your Information:

Proof of purchase - invoice reference and date of purchase.

Place of purchase: i.e., Celtic Paddles website, dealer, etc

Street Address:
City, State, Zip/Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Describe the damage to your paddle
How did your paddle break?
Paddle Specifics:
Date Purchased:
Model Name:
1-Piece, 2-Piece, 3-Piece, 4-Piece:
Shaft Size (Standard or narrow diameter):
Shaft Type (Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber):
Cranked Shaft or Straight Shaft?
Blade Type (nylon N12, fibreglass,  SF, LF, CF Carbon Polymer or CC Carbon composite):
Feather Angle (Example: Right 60):

Once we receive your information, we will evaluate your claim and decide if you have a valid warranty claim and determine if a replacement or repair is appropriate.  If a return for further inspection is required we will authorise the return of your paddle; please ensure you include full details.

Once you receive the Return Authorization, please send your paddle to:

Paddle Returns
Sea Kayaking UK Ltd
Unit 1a Canada Gardens, Morrison Crescent
Holyhead  LL65 2RD
United Kingdom

Please include all parts and pieces of your paddle unless instructed to do otherwise. Write your Name and email/telephone number on your paddle by using masking tape and a permanent marker.

*To help reduce customs fees when returning shipments from outside the European Union please write “Manufactured by Celtic Paddles Ltd-Returning UK - European Union Goods” on all paperwork and on the outside of the box.
*Shipping cost, from your location to Celtic, is the responsibility of the customer, or dealer. We recommend you insure your paddle for its replaceable value and save your tracking number. If you do not have a box that will fit your paddle you can wrap your paddle “burrito style” in cardboard.
*Return shipping cost (on paddles found to have defects) is covered from Celtic to UK addresses only.  EU countries a return fee of £10GBP is payable and is subject to return to the original country of purchase.  Outside of the European Union please contact us for the cost of return to be determined.  

Outside of the European Union you will have to provide customs paperwork and be asked what your reason is for exporting the contents to the UK – select Repair/Warranty
You will also have to describe the item you are returning and include a £ GBP value (remember your paddle is used so consider this when you are inputting a value).
You may be asked for the Harmonized Code for the paddles, and here they are:

Carbon kayak paddles-6815.10
Fibreglass kayak paddles-3926.90
Remember you are returning UK Manufactured Goods to the UK for Repair/Warranty this is essential information. You will be asked for the £ GBP value of the goods.